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It is our great pleasure on behalf of the Finnish Operations Research Society (FORS) to host the 32nd EURO Conference in Aalto University.

Aalto University, founded in the merger of three universities in 2010, has long traditions in operations research and management science; indeed, EURO XII was organized in Helsinki in 1992.

​Finland has a strong operations research community. Despite Finland having a population of only 5.5 million, FORS is the third largest EURO member society in terms of members per capita and the EURO conferences are typically attended by dozens of delegates from Finnish universities, research institutes and companies. The strength of the Finnish OR community is further exemplified by the proposed organizing committee including OR professors from three Finnish universities.

​Aalto Campus provides a modern and effective conference venue with facilities located in a compact area minimizing walking distances and enabling easy transitions between different streams and sessions. In particular, the three conference buildings include the new building of the School of Business (2019) as well as the Aalto Undergraduate Centre, designed by Alvar Aalto and ren-ovated in 2016. Most importantly, Aalto campus is easily reachable from Helsinki city center in only 12 minutes with the metro line opened in 2017.

​Aalto Campus is surrounded by the sea and forms the core of the largest technology hub in the Nordic countries. This hub includes the headquarters of several major international companies such as Kone and Neste, as well as the Technical Research Centre of Finland (VTT). Moreover, Otaniemi is home to A Grid, one of Europe’s largest centers for growth and startup companies.

We are proud and honored to host the EURO 2022 conference at the new Aalto Campus and look forward to welcoming delegates to Espoo!

Prof. Antti Punkka
FORS School of Science
Aalto University
Prof. Eeva Vilkkumaa
FORS School of Business
Aalto University
Prof. Juuso Liesiö
FORS School of Business
Aalto University

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